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GDP - Collectibles

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1.Roy Orbison (Prod. Aoi) 02:36
2.CLIT (Prod. Hit-Boy) 01:56
3.Urban Legend (Prod. Rosegold) 02:57
4.Lawn Seats Feat. Shape (Prod. Mele Shark Teeth) 03:14
5.ORLY (Prod. AM Breakups) 03:55
6.Black Guys in France (Prod. Pistol) 03:28
7.On and On (Prod. Aoi) 02:23
8.Why G? (Prod. DJ Mustard) 02:28
9.Laugh Now Remix Feat. Antwon, Fat Tony, Ne$$ (Prod. Hot Sugar) 05:06
10.Investigation Feat. Shape (Prod. Mele Shark Teeth) 04:06
11.Bootlegguz Feat. Pistol (Prod. Pistol) 05:11
12.Dublin (Prod. Aoi) 01:52
13.Gonna Getcha Feat. Daniel Joseph and Joe Clark (Prod. A $harp) 04:20
14.Eighteen (Prod. DJ Nappy) 04:04
15.Smokers Corp Feat. Shape and Big Scoops (Prod. Shape) 04:25

25 Available through RTF Records

Shipping begins 10/22

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